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"...to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ..."
Ephesians 4:12
The Timeline
We thought you'd enjoy knowing a little about the history of the Christian Bookstore in the Wil­lam­ette Valley. We'll start a little earlier than that, and a little farther away, but you'll see the connection!
c. 100 AD Invention of the book ("codex")
1450 Gutenberg Press invented
1456 First Gutenberg Bible printed
1970's Corvallis Christian Supply begins a multi-decade history of serving the Valley
2000's Parable and Tree of Life Bookstores operate in the current location
2014 Willamette Valley Christian Supply opens its doors!

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Willamette Valley Christian Supply is the newest resource outlet for churches and Christians in the area. It's owned and operated by Kevin and Krista Ferguson, longtime Willamette Valley residents.

Kevin has pas­tored in local chur­ches over the past dec­ade, and now the Lord has led Krista and Kevin into a brand-new min­is­try. The idea of Wil­la­mette Val­ley Chris­tian Sup­ply began in late 2013, and in the months fol­low­ing, as the pre­vi­ous book­store own­er made plans to close the store Kevin man­aged, every­thing fell pro­vi­den­tial­ly into place for Willamette Valley Christian Supply to come into being with the Fergusons as owners.

The Fergusons see Willamette Valley Christian Supply as both an im­por­tant bu­si­ness in the com­mu­nity and al­so as a mi­nis­try. Kevin puts it clear­ly: "We ex­ist for the pur­pose of con­nect­ing people—chur­ches and in­di­vid­uals—with mi­nis­try re­sour­ces that can help meet their needs, that they might grow, and know Christ." Both Kevin and Krista have seen the im­pact of a Chris­tian book­store on the life of the com­mu­nity, and want to re­spond to the clear call of that com­mu­nity to keep these re­sour­ces avail­a­ble for the Wil­la­mette Val­ley.
The mis­sion of Willamette Valley Christian Supply is to con­nect chur­ches and in­di­vid­u­als with min­is­try re­sour­ces that will help chur­ches, fa­mi­lies and in­di­vid­uals to know and grow in Christ.

You can sup­port our mis­sion not only with your pa­tron­age, but by par­ti­ci­pa­ting in our Pre-Owned Book Do­na­tion Pro­gram. Bring in those qual­ity books from your home or church li­brary, and get them back into cir­cu­la­tion! We be­lieve there are count­less num­bers of folks who will en­joy them. We'd like to help you make that hap­pen, and you'll help us and our staff in the pro­cess. Con­tact us for de­tails.
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